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Mariam Veiszadeh

Human Rights Champion, lawyer, Diversity & Inclusion Practitioner, contributing author and social commentator

The Taliban claims to have changed and modernised but their ideological extremism and patriarchal foundations would suggest otherwise. The misogyny of the Taliban keeps women permanently locked down in their own homes.


Dr Ibrahimi is a lifelong champion of women’s rights. As a democratically elected MP turned refugee, she still holds herself responsible for helping the most vulnerable women in her home country. She believes that education is life and I support her determination to free women through online learning and support.

Felicity Banks

Castle of Kindness Refugee Sponsorship Group

Dr Ibrahimi is a brave and compassionate woman who has devoted her life to education and to serving others. She is intelligent and focused, and a credit to both her countries—Afghanistan and Australia.


The U.N. Development Program has warned that 97% of Afghanistan’s population could fall below the poverty line by mid-2022.


The ZamZam Foundation is supporting over two hundred Afghan families, and needs donations to continue to operate.

ZamZam Foundation

Supporting Afghanistan’s most vulnerable.

The ZamZam Foundation is an Afghan charity that empowers women and girls through education, and provides food and clothing to vulnerable families throughout Afghanistan.

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