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Our organisation strives to promote a culture of reciprocity, humanity, value-orientation amongst people and positive use of the potential capacities of the youth in order to implement constructive and public benefit projects.

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1. Being a practical advocate for women. 2. Assist and improve women role in all infrastructure of the country 3. Strengthening women’s life socially and raising their educational level, promoting their health in order to enable them to re discover their possibilities and gain faith in the future. 4. Helping orphaned children in need 5. Providing an opportunity for kids to receive proper education.

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1. This Organisation strives to promote a culture of solidarity and humanity among the people. 2. Preparing and distributing emergency aid to orphaned families in need. 3. Providing good relations and social cooperation with other organisations and similar institutions to exchange ideas and opinions. 4. Adherence to the principles and foundations of the holy religion of Islam and national sovereignty and democratic values in the country. 5. Creating a public mindset for benefiting wi

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