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We are a social, civic, cultural, scientific, and charitable organisation which is composed of different ethnicities, religions, and races without any discrimination and prejudice from united youth, both boys and girls, with will and creativity, knowledge, elite and expert personalities, side by side. Other governmental and non-governmental institutions for the realisation of good human goals, lofty and legitimate aspirations of our dear nation and people of Afghanistan, for the betterment of society, saving the youth from social calamities such as; Unemployment, drug addiction and the like, as well as, to fight against corruption and injustice, eradicate domestic violence and convulsions, try to get out of the problems that prevail in society, overcome, build a desirable society and a united nation. The advent of a culture of reciprocity, convergence, integration, and the arrest of orphans and widows in this country. At the same time, the social institution of Zam Zam Charity Foundation seeks serious efforts to mobilise elites and educated people to reach Afghanistan one of the complete country in the word, away from violence and to form a huge intellectual and physical mass, and to popularise the culture of benevolence.

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